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10 Good Reasons to Use Carol Temporaries

1) Did you know that if an employee works for you for even one hour and is terminated for any reason, you may be charged their entire unemployment rate for the first seven weeks if you are their last employer?

2) Better use of employees. Using a temporary receptionist avoids having to use another employee to cover an absence.

3) No Overtime. We eliminate the need to have regular employees work overtime.

4) No recruiting. A phone call to Carol Temporaries will get you the help you need immediately. You don’t have to advertise or interview a host of applicants. By giving us an accurate and detailed job description we will match the temporary employee to the job.

5) No training. Tell us exactly what you need and we will send a qualified person to you. This will save you both the time and expense of training someone.

6) No paperwork. Since the temporary employee is paid by Carol Temporaries, you do not need to keep employment or payroll records. All taxes and deductions are taken care of by Carol Temporaries. All you do is pay our bill.

7) No fringe benefits. These usually amount to at least 25% of an employee’s salary. The temp is on our payroll – not yours.

8) No pay for time not worked. You don’t have to pay for vacations, sick days, holidays or personal time off. You do not have to pay a temporary employee during slack periods.

9) No termination problems. Terminating a regular employee is often unpleasant. However, a temporary employee knows their status from the beginning.

10) Better Unemployment Insurance Rating. Temporary employees that come to you through Carol Temporaries aren’t on your payroll records, so your unemployment rating doesn’t go down-and your assessments up-every time you release a temporary employee. If you eliminate a number of temporary employees instead of permanent workers, your unemployment and workers compensation ratings can be improved.

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