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How to Apply to Carol Temporaries


We offer a large selection of jobs for our applicants. We not only offer temporary work, we also offer temp to hire and permanent positions. If you are looking for clerical or industrial work, we are the choice for you!

If you are interested in working for Carol Temporaries, you must first register with our company. The registration process is simple and free. You must bring two forms of identification with you in order to register. If you do have a resume, please bring it with you.

Clerical and IT Professional Applicants: If you are interested in clerical work, you must first submit your resume for review. You may submit your clerical resume to Once we have reviewed your resume, we will then call you and schedule you an appointment to meet with someone in our office.

Industrial, Flagger, and Retail Applicants: We take industrial, flagger, and retail applications on a walk-in basis. You must come Monday through Friday between 9am and 3pm. Please bring a picture ID and your social security card with you when your register. No appointment is necessary.

Find our job listings here!
*You may also find our job posting on our Employment Available page*
1. THOU SHALL ACCEPT VARIOUS ASSIGNMENTS: If you, like many college students and new grads, are temping with the hope of learning about various companies and industries, you need to be flexible when considering assignments. Don’t turn down an assignment unless you’re absolutely convinced it will be a poor fit.

2. THOU SHALL KEEP IN MIND THY REASONS FOR TEMPING IN THE FIRST PLACE: Did you seek temporary work so that you’d have one or two days a week to pursue the type of job you’d really like to have? If so, don’t fall into the trap of accepting assignments five days a week. On the other hand, if you need the money from temping to pay the bills, be sure to set aside enough days during the week to earn the cash you need.

3. THOU SHALL GO ABOVE AND BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY: Once you’re in you’re temporary workplace – be it for a few hours, a few days or a few weeks – do more than what’s expected of you. Simply being competent and completing the work you’re assigned is enough to get you noticed in many companies. So if you show enthusiasm and do more than you’re required to, you’ll gain respect and the chance to do more than just answer phones.

4. THOU SHALL GET TO KNOW AS MANY PEOPLE AND DEPARTMENTS AS POSSIBLE: This is especially important if you’re using temping as sort of stepping stone to bigger, better and more permanent things. The more you can sense what’s going on in the company and why, through simple casual conversations with you’re coworkers, the more you’ll know who to approach about those opportunities.

5. THOU SHALL SEEK OUT EXTRA ASSIGNMENTS: You’ll sometimes find yourself with little or no real work to do in temporary assignments. Don’t cure your boredom by reading a magazine or surfing the Web. Instead, ask your supervisor or others in the company if there’s anything you can help them with, especially if doing so will give you a chance to learn a new software program or participate in an important project.

6. THOU SHALL PROMOTE THY SKILLS: Your supervisor may have a copy of your resume, but it’s likely he or she hasn’t had the time or the inclination to look at it. Take a moment to write up a brief (half-page) memo describing the types of things that you can do for the company. Often, your supervisor will be pleasantly surprised to discover that you’re able to take on unexpected tasks and assignments.

7. THOU SHALL ASK QUESTIONS—MORE THAN ONCE IF NECESSARY: The short-term embarrassment you might suffer by asking what you perceive to be dumb questions won’t compare to the embarrassment you’ll experience by screwing up an assignment your supervisor thought you understood.

8. THOU SHALL KEEP A RESUME ON HAND AT ALL TIMES: You never know when you’re supervisor or someone else at the company is going to approach you about a full-time position. After all, as a successful temp you’ll be a "proven" employee, not the risk the employer would have to take by hiring someone from the outside.

9. THOU SHALL PREPARE A "MINI COMMERCIAL" DESCRIBING THY GOALS AND SKILLS: If you do good at work for the company and spend some time getting to know your coworkers, someone will likely ask you, "So, what kind of job are you really looking for?" You need to be ready to respond with a 15-second "advertisement" so that the person quickly understands what you want and what you might contribute, be it to his or her company or someone else’s.

10. THOU SHALL STAY POSITIVE: It can be difficult to hold your head high, especially when half of your coworkers refer to you as "The Temp" instead of calling you by your real first name. But with a good attitude and a little grace under pressure, you’ll likely earn the respect of your coworkers and bosses, have a good overall experience and possibly land a permanent position.

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