Why Carol Temporaries?
Why Carol Temporaries?   
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Why Carol Temporaries?

We are locally owned and operated leading to a more comprehensive understanding of the needs of our clients- the regional leaders in their industries. We specialize in developing and maintaining relationships with our client. We are your LOCAL agency and our staff offers more than 30 years of experience. Our in-office staff utilizes cutting edge technology to source and match our candidates to the individual requirements of your position- within minutes if need be. Pride in what we do is reflected in how well we do it. Our staff has developed our expertise from a variety of disciplines: private, industry, health care, legal, hospitality, government affairs, professional recruitment, and sales. We apply our experience to each and every job we fill ensuring success and client satisfaction. Quality candidates, who have been thoroughly screened by verifying experience, skill and initiative prior to placement, ensure an appropriate fit right from the start of the assignment.
Our clients count on us to provide temporary and permanent staffing in the following catergories:
Professional Office Services:


Health Care Professionals:

Retail Services:

We provide short-term, long-term, and permanent placement of staff in all of the listed industries and positions. Our services are competitively priced. Staff we place in your company will be on our payroll. Some of the many advantages of this include all normal and customary payroll taxes, worker compensation, and unemployment insurance. Did you know that if someone works for your company for only a few hours, they can collect unemployment from you for up to seven weeks? With our services, you won't have to worry about expensive unemployment claims. Call us at a moment's notice to request staff or to cancel staff, as staffing flexibility is one of the key reasons many of our clients use our services. There is literally no paperwork for you- we handle it all! You don't need to advertise or interview a host of applicants. We do all that for you. By giving us an accurate and detailed job description, we will match the temporary employee to the job. You don't have to pay for vacations, sick days, holidays or personal time off- you pay for the hours worked- it is that simple. We would welcome the opportunity to learn about your business in order to partner with you in customizing the staffing solutions you depend on for a competitive edge in the increasingly complex business world. Give us a call today. We welcome the opportunity to work with you by providing top-notch service with a local touch! No other agency gives your business the attention it deserves. Let Carol Temporaries show you how special it is to be one of our clients!

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